Returning clients and a proven track record demonstrate that we are dedicated to completing each project with integrity. Everyone within the Company understands that each new project comes with a necessary collaboration between the client, design and engineering teams, contractors, and the public. Working with all parties on contractual requests, client needs, risk management and geotechnical conditions is required for the successful management of each project.


Melcar attributes its success to its experienced and dedicated staff. Through training both in classroom and on-site, the team of underground technicians in which Melcar employs is of the most elite in the industry. With each team member being educated on safety, equipment, trenchless techniques and teamwork, the Company has the ability to perform anywhere around the world. 


Melcar conducts business with a customer focus that influences all aspects of its work. A reputation defined by a commitment and ultimate satisfaction has earned the loyalty and trust of clients in building strong working relationships. Through the professionalism of the our team members, equipment and project sites, Melcar contributes to the reputation of its clients and reflects positively on all affiliates.  


The Melcar company is the proven leader for minimizing its environmental footprint and leaving all property and public amenities in immaculate post job condition. Property conditions and environmentally sensitive situations are a significant concern for today’s construction contractor, the company addresses this by surpassing all requirements while working in conjunction with local communities to ensure a positive public outcome. The Melcar Team understands that projects start long before equipment enters the site.

Certified SBE Infrastructure Construction Contractor


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