Garden State Underpass

Following a busy winter, Melcar brushed the last of the snow off its fleet of HDD rigs in strategy to hit the spring heavily. Hitting heavy, for Melcar, means taking on an ice breaking project, one that sets the new year off right. That is exactly what our team accomplished, by pulling a bundle of 10 - 8 inch conduits under the Garden State Parkway without having traffic miss a beat.

Project Details

Client: Klien Pipeline

Type: HDD

Equipment: Vermeer DD100x140II, Kem-Tron 6000 reclaimer

Duration: 1 Month

Product: 10 - 8" electrical conduits, 48in hole

Bores: 1

Lengths: 1,100'

Geotechnical Conditions: Silty sand, running sand

Challenges: Parkway traffic could not be interrupted or effected in any way, wire line guidance not an option, boring into incline.

Upload of more media in progress.

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