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March 6, 2018

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Bronxville Mitigation Project

February 3, 2017

The mitigation project, funded primarily by FEMA, was a successful effort to eliminate the destructive effects of flooding in the Bronxville Union Free School District. Numerous storms had left the ground floor of the Pondfield Elementary school and the surrounding area - inclusive of the public library - submerged and destroyed. With the installation of tandem 300,000g/min pumping stations, water is now siphoned through a 54 inch storm drain and discharged into an existing sanitary sewer system nearly 2 km's away.


Project Details


Client: Montesano Brothers,  Town of Bronxville, NY 

Type: Tunneling, Auger Boring

Duration: 2 Months 

Equipment: Barbco ABM 36x600, American Augers 60-1200S, Barbco BMTA (Bore Machine Tunnel Att.)

Bores: 1

Length: 210'

Product: 60" steel tunnel 

Grade: -0.04 degrees 

Geotechnical Conditions: High water table (8' above invert), split face: running sand / tight clay, old lake bed materials, timbers

Challenges: Freezing conditions, snow/ice, dewatering pump failure(s), highly contested area both vehicle and pedestrian traffic, underground voids (water pockets).