Melcar's Mission

~To be the superior contractor in the underground industry through our dedication to our clients and staff, and a steadfast commitment to completing every project correctly, despite complex underground conditions.~

Our Mission is our Promise. With a generation of young, driven individuals, we are changing the face of the construction service industry by implementing plans, sales, promotions, and a level of customer service that has forever eluded construction and been held exclusively by the products and hospitality industry. 




  • Customer Service - As stated in our mission, we are changing the landscape of customer service within the construction contracting industry by staying true to our roots and maintaining the vision that our clients and staff are always, above all, our top priority. 

  • Safety – Zero Accident Policy. Safety of staff and the public is put first and foremost on all job sites.


  • Determination – Completing the most demanding of projects in the most challenging of conditions.


  • Dedication – The Melcar Team of employees is invested in each project, which leads to the overall devotion to seeing each project to success.


  • Dependability – History of never leaving a job incomplete or a client unsatisfied presents Melcar with a status of unrelenting reliability.

Commitment to Our Clients

Melcar conducts business with a customer focus that reaches every aspect of its work. The Company’s reputation has been defined by a firm commitment to customer’s needs and ultimate satisfaction with the work performed. 


Loyalty and trust of clients has been earned by placing a high level of importance on building strong working relationships. Through the professional state of each jobsite, work vehicle, and all equipment, Melcar contributes to the excellent reputation of the client and reflects exceptionally on them while the project is completed.  

Certified SBE Infrastructure Construction Contractor


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